Family histories can range from 20 minutes to 2 hours, and can cover lots of topics.

Please contact Reuven Fauman of Truly Moving Stories for a quote (see below).

“Reuven Fauman is a film maker, biographer, and story teller extraordinaire.   He strives for perfection and his attention to detail is no less than astonishing.   He knows no limits in helping bring an individual’s journey to life.


In our situation there was a daughter, six grandchildren, many of whom lived in different cities, as well as in-laws and friends who were essential players in our father’s story.  When it was impossible to get everyone together at the same time, Reuven set up a few other meeting times, which demonstrated his accommodating nature and determination to tell the full story.   


As he interviews his subjects in their homes, workplaces or even accompanies them as they go about their daily activities, Reuven succeeds like no other in asking the right questions.  He weaves the many complex aspects of a human being into a coherent image.  His questions can at times evoke memories - some wonderful memories, but also some painful ones.  In this regard, he is always respectful and kind.  He provides a safe and reassuring environment where sometimes in the process of the filmmaking, participants reach new and refreshing insights.  But above all, what distinguishes Reuven’s work is his ability to capture a person’s essence and his unequivocal commitment to sharing each individual’s unique truth.”

Muriel Waterman, daughter of Julius Rothschild,

the excerpt (6:04)

the full piece (24:50)

My lunch with Julius ...and his poetry.

Produced, directed, filmed and edited by

Reuven (Richard) Fauman