The Mack family was thrilled with the final product, so much so that Karen’s husband, Russell Goldsmith, hired me to do the same for his parents, Bram and Elaine Goldsmith. They were responsible for building Los Angeles!  Here are some chapters from their nearly 2 hour, 18-chapter DVD, "Building a Family and a Legacy:  The Goldsmith Family History".

Karen Mack Goldsmith, whose father, Jerry Mack and his partner Parry Thomas, built Las Vegas, approached me with the request to produce a feature-length documentary about her family.  Here’s a short excerpt from the 2 hour, 20-chapter epic...(disclaimer: interview footage of Jerry and Parry was shot 7 years before I got the project, ergo the poor quality).

Six months before Julius Rothschild turned 100, his family hired me to produce the story his life.  This excerpt, taken from the middle of the 25 minute piece, shows his daily routine.  Despite the fact that he is blind, he’s hard to keep up with!  To see the full version, click here...

Frida Berger is a 91 year old Holocaust survivor.  She was honored by the Ponevez Yeshiva at their

Los Angeles banquet, and hired me to produce a short "day-in-the-life" piece.  What a life!


Severyn Ashkenazy was born in Poland in 1934.  When the Russians invaded, his family convinced a gentile farmer to allow the family to build a 12'x12'x6' bunker under their kitchen floor.  They stayed there for 22 months, eventually settling in Los Angeles.  "From Bunker to Builder" is one long odyssey of success and perseverance, a truly moving story.